[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.10 “Status Asthmaticus”


tw 510 blog thumbnailWell, we’ve made it through a whole season – so it’s time for the last Whitney Watches for Teen Wolf’s Season 5A.

What did I think? Did we finally get some answers?

Now, if you saw that and went… huh. I’m doing a season wrap up video this weekend. To talk about everything, especially what I would have done differently. And I might have a special guest – so make sure you check back for that!

[VIDEO] Teen Wolf 5.08 “Oroboros”


Geek.Pirate.Mom.  Teen Wolf 5.08 OroborosIt’s that time already, time for another edition of Whitney Watches.

For those new to my blog, for this series of video I pick a show and take a critical look at each episode and the series overall. I talk about the events of the episode, things from the past that have paid off, and where I think things will go in the future. Because of it’s a lot to cover, I assume you’ve seen the episode. If you haven’t watched “Oroboros” yet, go watch it! And then come back here.

For my outfit, I’m wearing a lookalike for Kira’s outfit from a couple episodes back. The t-shirt is from Forever 21, and the hooded vest was from a small label I didn’t recognize. But you can find it by searching for denim hooded vest.

Are you as heartbroken by Kira as I am? Do you want to shake some sense into Scott? I want to know your thoughts.

(BTW, any critical statements I make about Scott McCall are about the actions of the character- which some I find OOC, but mostly I find reasonable for a teenager with that much pressure on him. It’s easy to forget they’re still kids, and this season is determined to remind us of that at every turn)

(And yes, if you saw my Twitter convo about the show today, I am going to do a video after the first half of this season airs about the problems I see with it. It just seemed to detract from talking about the story if I picked it all apart)

That isn’t a compliment. Really.


not a compliment blog thumbnailSo I shared a vlog two days ago, and was excited… because I had a killer thumbnail in which the lighting was great, my makeup was great, and so was my hair. I think I might have told just about everyone who lives in this house that my makeup game was on point.

tw 507 thumbnail 2

See? Nailed it.

Creeps everywhere must have agreed, because I proceeded to get comments on Tumblr and on a couple different social networks (privately, mind you) about how these guys just had to tell me how pretty I am.

Nothing about the video. Just how pretty I am. Guys went out of their way to “pay me a compliment.” So I should be grateful right?


Because these aren’t actually compliments. When my friends (and core readers) watched the same video, they told me they liked how I looked. But they also made comments about the lighting of the video, my outfit, and shockingly- the points I made. Those? Those were compliments. Because it tells me they valued my creation. Even when my friends compliment my selfies, it means something because I know they like me for more than my appearance.


[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.07 “Strange Frequencies”


tw vlog 507 blog thumbnailThis video covers episode seven of this season – “Strange Frequencies”

So if you’re a fan, who has watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. It’s filled with spoilers, and I assume that you’ve watched the series for this discussion. (If you haven’t watched the episode yet, go watch it, and come back!)

The episode titles have been pretty much on point this season- this one is based in Lydia’s theory that you could disrupt the Dread Doctors using certain frequencies.

My outfit in the video is Lydia’s America Rag top, as seen in ep 3 of this season. Suuuper comfortable. I paired it with a Forever 21 cami and my favorite jeggings. Lydia wore it with her Aqua boots. (And if the lighting wasn’t terrible when I shot it, I have a video about how I did my makeup, as well)

So… your thoughts? Are you eager to find out what Theo’s deal is, or do you just want Parrish to punch him some more?

My blog is 6 now.


myblogis6I honestly don’t know how I feel about knowing that. But I was looking at early blog posts, and wham. My first blog post was August 1, 2009.

The day before I’d gone to the spa with my best friend Jerad. We used to go both for my birthday in January and then his. And while we were laying out in the sun, I was griping about my lack of writing. I’d hit a wall with writing fiction and just wasn’t sure what to do.

So he suggested I start a blog of my own, and the next thing I knew I’d turned this domain into a blog (I used to deposit sketches and videos here).

But it’s hard. July 31st is always a bittersweet day, because it’s another reminder that he isn’t getting any older – he died several years ago, and somehow I’d put it out of my head after his death that my blog had started the day after his birthday.


[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf 5.03 “Dreamcatchers”


tw blog 503 thumbnailThis video covers episode three of this season – “Dreamcatchers”

So if you’re a fan, who has watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. Granted, this episode is mostly recap, but it’s hard to really guess much about a season or talk about character arcs when you only have two episodes to base it on.

Your thoughts on last night’s episode? I didn’t say it in the video, but I’m really sad about how the ep ended. That character was cool.

As I said last week, I’m trying to wear a Teen Wolf related episode – this week, it’s Forever 21’s Superman jacket. Which Kira wore last season. It’s not in stores, but I found mine on Vinted.

[VIDEO] Whitney Watches: Teen Wolf: 5.01 & 5.02


tw vlog 501 502 blogTeen Wolf is back, with its fifth season – so I thought it was time I gave it the Whitney Watches treatment. This video covers the two part premiere- “Creatures of the Night” and “Parasomnia”

So if you’re a fan, who’s watched the episodes – this series is my critical look at what’s going on. Granted, this episode is mostly recap, but it’s hard to really guess much about a season or talk about character arcs when you only have two episodes to base it on.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear where you think this season’s going! Just leave me a comment.

These videos will be posted each week, sometime during the day after the episode airs!

I’m going to try to wear an episode linked to Teen Wolf somehow. This dress I’m wearing is a dress that Lydia Martin wore last season – it’s H&M’s crinkle floral dress. (While you can’t get it in stores, you can usually find it on resale sites like eBay or Poshmark)

#MarriageEquality : Love Wins.


pride-whitney I should be working. But to be honest, I’ve been distracted all day long.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal. And that all 50 states will recognize it.

I want to say upfront that I would have fought for marriage equality regardless of my own sexuality. But I think that my sexuality puts me in an interesting spot. I’m bisexual. I’ve known this all my life- though it wasn’t until college I really knew how to describe it (literally everyone suggested gay or straight as my two options). So I was mostly confused, because I have always been attracted to more than just guys.

When I was 18, I met TheBoy. And the first summer we were dating, I knew he was The One. (We were making biscuits in my summer apartment for school) It took some time for us to get married, but here we are. It’ll be eleven years this summer.

We’ve built a life together. And every step of the way, I’ve known what kind of barriers I would have faced if I’d fallen in love with a woman instead. Especially now that I have a serious health condition. He can make decisions if I’m unable to, when we’ve seen hospitals disregard same-sex partners- even if they had all the legal paperwork. There are protections for that now.

So I can smile, and enjoy today, knowing that same-sex couples will have the same legal rights that I do.

Isn’t it amazing to realize that while there are so many problems our children will face, that whether or not they can get married isn’t going to be one of them?


[Video] Being Brave/Being Honest


Last week, I was in the middle of recording a video (talking about the way women are treated on television) and I broke down. I broke down, I thought about why… and then I recorded this video.

Thank you. To all of those who helped me through this last year. Thank you.

If you want more of a frame of reference, I’ve blogged a bit about the tape.

Stolen Pictures and the Thing I’m Finally Talking About

#WomensLives, Revenge Porn and Closure

[VIDEO] Easy Milkmaid Braids!


MilkMaidBraidsYou might have noticed that I’ve been wearing my hair up in milkmaid braids a lot.  I admit, that one of the things I love about Game of Thrones has been the elaborate hairstyles – especially Cersei’s elaborate braids.  And on Teen Wolf, Lydia Martin wears her hair braided in about four different and amazing ways.

Most of these styles are out of the question because my hair just isn’t long enough.  But now that my hair is down to my collarbone, I’ve realized I can do this extremely simple hairstyle.

And trust me – I have a hard time french braiding my own hair.  So when I say it’s simple… it’s simple.

What’s your favorite way to get your hair up and out of your face?