Archives: September 2009

Sometimes, things just go wrong.

I will not pretend to be perfect in the kitchen. I have burnt bread, made rubbery shrimp, and have a tendency to get powdered sugar all over the kitchen. I made a cheesecake just last week and when turning on my mixer, wound up splashing the filling all over my kitchen table and onto my

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The Easiest Sauce You’ve Never Made

I am a fan of quick and easy meals from scratch. I think it’s genetic. My mom, the queen of Chopped style cuisine (“What can I make for dinner using a can of tomatoes, a can of black beans and some pasta?”), is as well. Okay, it probably isn’t genetic- but I know that since

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Recipe: Homemade potato chips!

One of my favorite ingredients to use is the potato. I’ll have them mashed, french fried, turned into potato chips. They’re just wonderfully versatile, and typically quick to prepare! Now, I’ve come to realize that people are divided into two types of snackers. Those who crave sweet foods and those who crave salty foods. I

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