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September 16, 2009

Sometimes, things just go wrong.

I will not pretend to be perfect in the kitchen. I have burnt bread, made rubbery shrimp, and have a tendency to get powdered sugar all over the kitchen.

I made a cheesecake just last week and when turning on my mixer, wound up splashing the filling all over my kitchen table and onto my husband’s jacket which I thought might be out of the splash zone.

But yesterday, takes the cake. Without even thinking about the oven, I turned it on so that I could make white chocolate chip cookies. I quickly whipped up the cookie dough and started to prep my cookie sheets when… I started to smell smoke. So I opened the oven to see a cloud of smoke quickly fill the kitchen.

The broiler pan was smoking. I’m not sure what dripped on it, or how (since the last thing we’d used the oven for was the cheesecake, and I know that nothing dripped from that). But whatever it was smelled like oil or fat that was burning, not sugar. My best guess is that something had spilled from the stovetop and through the oven. So now I know, double check the broiler pan. Even if you haven’t used it in ages.

Hopefully today will be better. I have the cookie dough warming out on the counter (I refrigerated it, but it’s rock hard, and hard to dollop onto the cookie sheets) and the broiler pan is out of the oven and soaking so that I can clean it. (Update: The broiler pan is clean, the cookies have been made – and I discovered that I should have tried the white chocolate chips before following this recipe. They were much too sweet, and so are my cookies!)

What’s your favorite story of kitchens gone wrong?