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February 10, 2010

The Spa Day Strikes Back

If you can’t guess from the title, I went to a spa for the second time. Namely, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. I went for the first time during the middle of the summer, and had a lovely lovely time. But six months later, it was clear that I needed some R&R, so I went back.

Both times I went with my best friend, Jerad. The first time was for his birthday and my half-birthday, and so we splurged and rented a cabana. After the wonderful time we had with our cabana, we got one this time as well. Glen Ivy during the summer was as you’d expect- the pools were crowded, and while it was still quiet, there were lots of people everywhere. We shared the cabana deck with two bridal parties (I believe), both of whom had people who used their phones incessantly- including one girl who left her phone on, and it rang while she was off getting a massage. But really, it’s wonderful. You have plenty of lounges to sun in without having to worry about losing it if you go off for a treatment, as well as a personal salt pool.

Glen Ivy in the winter is very different. It wasn’t very crowded at all, and we were the only people up on the cabana deck. While we’d spent most of our times during the summer in the shaded part, we spent most of our time out in the sun (what little there was that day). It had been so cold that the night before, there was a faint dusting of snow in the mountains above us!

Spa Day! The Date Palm Cabana Fresh Fruit!
SNOW Salt pool Jerad!

My first trip, we took in the Glen Ivy experience, and went to Club Mud. You cover yourself in a thin coat of red clay and let it dry. Then you flake it off, exfoliating the skin. To lock in some moisture, we went to their newest experience, the Grotto. You go to an underground cave, have a lovely mixture painted on and let it set in while in a room filled with steam. Then you rinse it off, relax and enjoy your day. I’m told it’s quite lovely- unfortunately, we went when it was awfully crowded and basically had it slapped on, instructions barked at us and were shoved through.

So, we decided to avoid the Grotto this time- just in case. We both had massages (during the summer, we tried their Under the Oaks massages – lovely) and later in the day tried a scrub treatment- their Orange Blossom Sugar Meringue Scrub & Shea Butter Wrap. The scrub was rubbed in. It hurt a little more than I was expecting, but smelled heavenly. Once it was rinsed off, my skin was unbelievably soft. Afterwards, Shea butter was rubbed into my skin and I was wrapped in warm towels and a thermal blanket to let it all soak in. So was it worth it? Absolutely. My skin was unbelievably soft 3 days later, and I even got a bit more of a massage with it!

One of the things that I now look forward to at Glen Ivy is their food. They have a restaurant, Café Sol. In the summer, I had a Chicken Club Sandwich and Jerad had a Steak Quesadilla. Both were unbelievably flavorful and you could taste that every ingredient was as fresh as could be. This time, Jerad had the chicken club, and I had a shrimp calzone. Delicious!

Before going to Glen Ivy, I’d never gone, and was hesitant to go. I honestly thought it was too much of an indulgence, and something that I didn’t deserve. But it’s wonderful, relaxing… and worth every single penny. Honestly, if you’re going to a spa, do yourself a favor- leave your phone in a locker and just let the rest of the world disappear.

And while I don’t want to plug their cabanas too much (lest someone book it on a day that I want to go), I have to. Part of the cabana experience is having a staff at your disposal- who remind you when your appointments are coming up, bring your lunch and drinks, and let you handle the bill at the end of the day. Both times we had exceptional service from first Marcus, and then James. Both of them took excellent care of us (James even made sure I had birthday cake!), and certainly are a big part of why I’m already looking forward to the next trip in 6 months.

Jerad's lunch Lunch! Birdie!
Jerad, James and me There was cake! Don't I look silly

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