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February 18, 2010

Be Fabulous

I have a new mantra. Be Fabulous.

I turned 30 not that long ago, and on my birthday was in bed, watching TV and started to think back over my twenties and whether or not I was happy with the person who was suddenly 30. I wasn’t. I love my life- my husband, my boys (as I write this, I’m being nuzzled by the youngest kidlet). I admit, I don’t like who I was turning into. This has nothing to do with being a stay at home mom, but everything to do with expectations and personal goals.

I thought that being a stay at home mom meant I’d have some time for myself, and time to write. You hear stories about women turning out novels while being stay at home moms, and I thought that could be me, too. However, JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book while her child was a baby- and she only had one to worry about. I have two very active boys under the age of 5, one of which has serious food allergies. Not exactly a walk in the park. Instead of recognizing this and simply trying to do what I could with my time, I beat myself up over my lack of progress.

I went from being fearless, to a woman who was receding into the background because she had decided that was the only way things could be.

So, I’m going to be fabulous. Instead of pressuring myself to finish a novel, I’m working on outlines, notes and research. Instead of forgetting to eat meals, I’m going to make sure I eat regularly- and not just a quick sandwich or leftovers. Something that I want to eat, and that will make me happy in what will likely be a crazy day. And I’m actually putting a workout plan in place, so that I can get back into shape and have more energy.

That’s my plan for my 30s, but it’s something that you can do at any age. Don’t forget that you’re amazing. Don’t tell tear yourself down if you haven’t met a goal that you set- just reevaluate and try again. Be fabulous and fearless. I know you can.

I’m going to make weekly posts on how this project of mine is going. Just a weekly summary of how I’ve done. Feel free to share your attempts, if you want to give it a shot!

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