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April 2, 2010

Day one

Day One of Script Frenzy is done! I easily wrote 4 pages (my daily goal is 3 pages). Before I congratulate myself too much, this is a project that’s been in my mind for awhile, so I’ve known the exact layout and opening for awhile. The fun thing about finally tackling this is that I’ve grown a bit as a storyteller since I started working on it some 5 years ago. So I was starting to think about where I was going with this today (note: while I know the overall story, I haven’t tackled the tiny bits yet), I realized that I actually needed to insert a scene first.

I’m going to share this eventually- if people like it, I’ll definitely try to illustrate it myself.

Daily Goal:

4 / 3 pages

Overall Goal:

4 / 100 pages

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