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April 10, 2010

Oh, Jim Carrey. Just stop tweeting.

Jim Carrey, once upon a time, I thought you were entertaining. Then you dated Jenny McCarthy and began spouting anti-vaccination nonsense. Yes, nonsense. There have been no studies that positively link vaccines to autism. Indeed, most studies seem to indicate that the timing of when certain vaccines are given is about the time that signs of autism begin to show in children. But studies haven’t been able to prove that it’s the vaccines. Not only that, you’ve blocked or ignored anyone who tried to offer scientific proof that you might be wrong. Not exactly a way to prove that you’re really an advocate for autism- instead, you came off like a pretentious jerk who is just using his celebrity to be heard, but doesn’t want to actually hold a discussion.

Now you’ve broken up with Jenny and felt it time to weigh in on the most relevant of topics– Tiger Wood’s infidelity. This is timely only in that he’s playing in the Masters, most of us weighed in on how we felt when the scandal broke at the end of last year. So, you’re Team Tiger. There are plenty of people who are. Not only that, you’re for the public staying out of their business. Which makes sense- because honestly, it’s their marriage. So why start saying it’s Elin’s fault? By claiming this, all it does is make you a hypocrite and completely out of line.

Not all women who are cheated on are aware. Given the amount he traveled for tournaments and appearances, it could be entirely plausible that she might not know the extent of it. But obviously, she guessed something was up if she was looking through his phone. Nobody’s claimed she wasn’t aware, but realistically, you can’t blame her for her decisions. After all, she has two children that she needs to care for. Two children who are already under media scrutiny.

Covered the timeliness of your Tiger discussion, blaming Elin…. which leaves me with your hilarious anti-stay-at-home-mom tweet. “No woman just stays at home with the kids anymore.” Is that true? BZZT! Sorry, Jim, but thanks for playing. There are many many families all across America where women (and men) have to stay home with their children (as well as plenty who choose to). Daycare is expensive, and there are a lot of untrustworthy care providers. I know that for me, if I’d stayed at my job, basically all of my paycheck would have gone to cover daycare. On top of that, I’d have to deal with the hassle of rushing to get my kids there in the morning, rushing to pick them up on time… and missing out on all the wonderful things that happen when little kids grow up. So for me, it was a no brainer. Besides, it’s not “just” staying at home. You make it seem like all us stay at home parents do is sit around while the kids run free. Two kids, especially two kids under 4, is hard hard work.

In summation- think before you tweet. You might say it’s your platform to share your opinion, but if we’re all held accountable for what we say, so are you. Take your own advice and stay out of other people’s marriages, and please don’t knock stay-at-home parents simply because you don’t know any.

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