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June 16, 2010

It’s the little things. AKA I scream for ice cream

Note: Sorry I don’t have any pictures. The digital camera’s still broken and I can’t get clear pictures on my camera. Boo.

It’s not the big things in life that make you happy- it’s the little things. While I’m sure that winning the lotto might make things easier for us financially, I’m quite happy with things as they are.

I’m especially happy with my ice cream machine. When I was in Arizona not that long ago, I got a belated birthday check from my grandma, which immediately was spent on an ice cream machine. Last summer I’d said that I wanted one, and from then on, any time we had extra money we talked about buying one.

When I was in second grade, my teacher had an ice cream party as a reward for our class. He got one of the wooden ice cream makers that you crank and have rock salt- and all the students took a turn cranking it.

This one you plug in! It whirrs for 25 minutes and then you have ice cream! The first ice cream I made was a vanilla. It was adored by my family, but I thought it was a little too sweet. Which it was. I confess: I misread the recipe, and accidentally put in 1/3 cup too much in sugar. Oops. But it was lovely, and quickly vanished from the freezer.

This week, I made strawberry ice cream. With the exception of my strawberry pieces being a little too big, it was perfect. Just sweet enough, with the strawberry flavor coming right through. Nothing fake about it- you can taste that it’s all the real deal. Judging by the fact that this one’s going even faster than the vanilla, I think the rest of the family agrees.

My only problem is that right now I”m using a Tupperware container, and despite putting plastic wrap over it, it still gets a bit icy. I’m guessing the container isn’t as airtight as I need. Any suggestions from anyone out there with an ice cream maker?

So expect a lot of ice cream posts from now on. I’m hooked on making this stuff. So far I haven’t tried a custard based recipe, but that’ll change this upcoming weekend.

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