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August 31, 2010

Anatomy of a Melt Down

We had a busy day. As parents of school age children know, they want copies of immunization cards and a TB test for kids to enter school.

So we drove down, from our LA area home, to our Orange County area pediatrician. Why would anyone do that? Well, our pediatrician is amazing. Honestly, she’s amazing. When the oldest kidlet had his mysterious stomach bug and I’d called her for advice, she called to check up on him a few times- without having us go in to see her.

She just moved to a new office, sadly, further south. When I set the appointment for us to go in and get the TB test started, I didn’t even think about the traffic. It was horrible. It wound up taking us a little over an hour to get there, and we were lucky enough to use the car pool lane through most of Orange County.

The oldest was doing fine. This was our first longish distance trip with in him underwear (I know, I know- we wrapped up potty training late), but he was great. He’d used the bathroom before we left and despite drinking from his cup the entire way down, we didn’t have to make a pitstop.

Unfortunately, this is where the youngest started to have problems. It wasn’t a building he recognized, and worst of all, it smelled like paint (it’s a brand new medical complex). We went into the bathroom, which had doors with hinges that creaked and extremely loud toilets. Once we were in the office, he was fine. He recognized the toys and was having a grand time.

Except that when we were leaving, he wanted to take the helicopter toy with us. I should make sure we buy him one- it should make future doctor trips easier. While he recovered, it set the tone for the rest of the day- melt downs aplenty.

But what I’m sure you’re all wondering is how my oldest handled the TB test. He got his flu shot as well and freaked out as soon as he saw the needle- the hardest part was trying to get him to hold still. But he didn’t cry for the shot, it was the anticipation. When it was time for the TB shot, I covered his eyes. He didn’t feel the shot and was only mad at me for covering his eyes- something I’m definitely going to remember for the next trip.

We go back on Thursday to get the results of the TB test. At least this time, I’ll remember how bad the traffic is and plan accordingly.

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