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September 28, 2010

I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached…

I used to be organized. Amidst the clutter of my desk, I always knew where everything was. I would remember everything- my phone, keys, etc. etc.

After the Oldest was born, not much changed. After the Youngest Kidlet was born, everything changed- especially once he was diagnosed with allergies. Suddenly I had two sets of diapers to bring along, two sets of clothes…. not to mention allergy medicine, epi-pens, specialty formula. Having to remember all of that, suddenly everything else I used to keep track of fell by the wayside.

Why do I bring this up? Picture Day. Last night, I put out my son’s clothes so that I could grab them in the morning when he got out. I wrote the check for the photographer, filled out the packages and put it in my purse.

This morning, we went through our typical routine, got dressed… and then I remembered shopping bags. In the time it took for me to stop to get the shopping bag, I got distracted. And forgot that I’d pulled the envelope out to show my mother in law that I’d already filled it out. So when we got to school, I reached into my purse and discovered that I’d left the envelope behind.

Thankfully, I realized that they always have a few extra slips, so I got a new one from the photographers and filled it out with my credit card into. Crisis averted.

Now the shopping bags- it was hot yesterday, as I mentioned. When the little guy and I went to pick up his brother from preschool, I set him in the seat and didn’t even think about the fact that there’s black leather on part of it. He screamed, I felt horrible… so while it isn’t supposed to break 100, I cut up a couple of old shopping bags to cover up the seats to keep them a little bit cooler. Though we’re heading in to fall, I’ll be making some better ones. We usually have some good hot days during the fall, and I want to be prepared!

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