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October 4, 2010

Getting things started.

It’s Monday- and I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend. Someday I’ll talk more about where we visited, but this is more about today.

I woke up at 5 am when my in-laws’ cat started eating my cat’s food. Zorro’s pretty quiet when he’s eating, but Woogie is loud. So I woke up, and without my glasses on, saw red flashes of light reflected over my computer desk and thought that something really weird must be going on with my computer. Realizing that there would be no way for the light to be coming from my computer tower under the desk, I turned my attention out the window to see that there was an ambulance, fire engine and paramedic truck out in front of the neighbor’s house. They left a bit later, without loading anyone in the ambulance, so I’m guessing she’s alright.

It’s a lovely gray day- one that reminds me of Ventura. Where it may or may not be sprinkling (right now it is), but mostly it’s just heavy drizzle. Fo rizzle. (Sorry, but after typing drizzle all morning long, I couldn’t help myself) The boys are thrilled. Both love the rain, so they’ve been having fun running and sliding in the grass to the car. But why does it remind me of Ventura? This is what 75% of mornings in Ventura are like.

It was maddening growing up in Ventura. Every morning started off with fog. But you never really knew what the weather would be like if the fog burned off. I became very good at layering clothes, I just had to get used to carrying around plenty of extra clothes when it warmed up. My poor locker was always filled with sweatshirts or long-sleeved shirts that I’d shed.

Thankfully, the oldest kid only has to deal with being away at school for a few hours. If I’ve misjudged the weather badly enough, I can always bring him shorts to wear home (or a hoodie if that’s how I need to correct it). However, I’m glad that I knew that today would be dreary when Weather.com said “cloudy.” Even now, it says it’s just cloudy. 90% humidity, but it’s just cloudy. Oh well.

Things I promise to blog about this week: eating at local restaurants, art projects, and why bullying is suddenly a big deal.