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October 7, 2010

Preschool is a petri dish

This has nothing to do with this post. But just remember, you're probably not going to have as bad a day as the guy who caused that much damage to a golf cart.
I haven’t always been a stay at home mom. For the first two or so years of the Oldest Kidlet’s life, I worked in advertising. My job was not nearly as interesting as Mad Men. There were those who drank too much, clients who asked for one thing and detested it when we delivered… but you know, everything’s more interesting when the women wear pearls and men wear three piece suits.

The Oldest Kidlet went to daycare for about a year of that time. While he was pretty darn healthy, I was sick more that year than I’d ever been. Now that he’s in preschool, it’s the same story. He had a cold, which he gave to his brother. They’re both over it (though I think the Oldest one is getting sick again), but both TheBoy and I are fighting off something. Fun times.

It’s supposed to be a warmer day than yesterday. The skies are blue and there isn’t a gray cloud in sight. However, it’s freezing in this house. I will say this- if the house cools overnight, it keeps it cool until the afternoon. Which is great during the summer and on those odd hot days we get the rest of the year- but right now I just want to wear a parka and snuggle up with the little guy.

A couple quick things- there’s another meme going around Facebook where women were urged to that they “like it on” and then put where they like to keep their purse in order to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Honestly, I’m all for more layers of awareness, even if they’re somewhat passive. Plus, I’m a sucker for innuendo. So sorry people, I don’t like doing THAT on the dining room table- it’s just where I keep my purse.

Anyways, breast cancer awareness. The meme doesn’t really raise much awareness- though I’ve been happy to see women who’ve added reminders to get mammograms to the message, and one woman who shared a whole list of products that contribute to breast cancer research. So apparently, it’s enough to get some people thinking- which is great.

So women, get mammograms and do your monthly checks. MEN. Become better educated. One of the cancers with a high mortality rate among men is breast cancer- which, while rare, is something that men don’t think to check for. So when it’s caught, it can sometimes be too late.

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