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October 16, 2010

Migraine City.

I get migraines. My mom gets them, too.

The night before my wedding? I was curled up in a teeny ball because I had one, and right now I’m stuck in my bed with one. I’m sitting here with low light (a candle) and the brightness on the laptop cranked down.

I just wanted to put it on record that my husband (aka TheBoy) is amazing. I called him, freaking out because naturally, one never knows if these things linger- and there’s a birthday party tomorrow. He reassured me that he’ll make the food if he has to. I told my mother in law, who before shooing me back upstairs told me that they could cancel the party if I wanted. I said no, and she told me that they’d buy a cake to serve and we’d make a little cake out of rice for the little guy to eat, and for us to put a candle in.

Let me explain. I’m sure that sounds harsh and a little cruel to do to a kid on their birthday- but I’ve made all sorts of allergen-free cakes that everyone else deemed wonderful, and he wouldn’t eat. He’s not a fan of baked goods at all. It was just the one thing she could think of that we know he’ll eat that we could stick a candle in.

Now that I’ve shared how awesome my husband and mother in law are, I’m going lie down again. Boy does this bite.

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