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October 22, 2010

My own interactive theater

I am a theater geek. I’ve pretty much always trotted out my inner freak- whether it was dressing up as a Jedi at Disneyland (and being told by security that my plastic lightsaber counted as a weapon and would have to go), and well, doing “The Time Warp” for my high school drama club’s end of year banquet. I was Columbia.

So why do I mention this? Obviously, Rocky Horror Picture Show is famous for its midnight showings- where the audience brings props, recites lines, etc, etc, etc.

I find myself living something similar. Not with Rocky. While I think it’s perfectly acceptable for teens to experience RHPS, I’m not sure I’ll do anything other than play the Time Warp for my kids.

What I’m talking about is virtually everything else. My children have amazing memories when it comes to television shows. One viewing of a Backyardigans episode and they’re busy reenacting plots and looking for props to act it out. Or in the case of their current obsession, after a few viewings of Princess and the Frog, they’ve come up with their whole show.

It began with the littlest one laughing any time someone was frightened. Then whenever Naveen had a ukelele, he picked up their Backyardigans guitar and would pretend like he was playing it. He recites dialogue along with his favorite scenes. The older one sings along with some of the songs, and now… I’m in on it.

I won’t pretend that I don’t find Disney Villains more interesting than the heroes, usually. And given my knowledge of the occult, it should be a given that Facilier (aka the Shadowman) is very interesting indeed. The oldest kid has memorized most of “Friends on the Other Side.” The little one sings along with the “Are you Ready”s. They dance along to it, and once they realized that Mommy can sing- I was upped from being Tiana’s voice to also singing Facilier’s part. Apparently I need to brush up on my dancing, because they want me to dance Facilier’s part, too.

It’s also an art show, too. Having discovered that I can draw Disney characters (proof coming soon), they ask me to draw various characters. Of course, this afternoon took the cake. I was asked to draw Facilier’s demise (which shouldn’t be a spoiler even if you haven’t seen the movie- it’s a Disney movie. The villains tend not to survive). Then later, the little one started to BUM BUM BUM the music for “Friends on the Other Side” and the other one wanted to reenact the demise.

Yes, my kids are strange. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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