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December 12, 2010

The PTC takes their whining beyond TV…

Hilariously, the Parents Television Council has decided to ignore the Television part of their name and condemn the MPAA for changing the rating for Blue Valentine from an NC-17 to R.

Even funnier, they condemmed the move for a movie that they admitted they hadn’t seen, and said that it shows that the MPAA is corrupt for allowing the filmmakers to petition.

Newsflash, that’s how the MPAA has always operated. They watch the movie, and then filmmakers can petition to get the ratings altered. Sometimes this is accomplished with some minor edits- and sometimes, it just takes a good argument to point out that the ruling was unfair to begin with.

Blue Valentine was never going to be a movie that was going to be viewed by many teens. As it is, the only thing that the rating was going to do was effectively bar it from even getting a limited release in movie theater chains.

Now, the MPAA itself is a bit of a joke. They’re primarily concerned with sex, and not with violence. Their ratings are often uneven. Take a love scene. Put two women in it, and it’ll get an R rating. Put a man and a woman in it, and it might get an NC-17 rating. But have two men? There’s no way they might ever give it an R. But start lopping off limbs, and it’s rare that they’ll push it beyond an R.

Not that I like to give the Parents Television Council much attention- to me, they’re the equivalent of PETA and Westboro Church. None of the groups actually DO anything other than say ridiculous things to get media attention. This seemed like an excellent example of why we should ignore them- since apparently all they do is wave their arms and say “won’t someone please think of the children!”

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