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December 24, 2010

Christmas is all around!

We made a long and perilous drive to Arizona for the holidays. It was the inaugural road trip with the minivan, and we had to make the drive in the rain. It rained through most of the California portion, and then the rained followed us across the border and up until the last 20 miles of our drive.

We are here, at my grandma’s house and having quite a lovely time. There was a meltdown on my part yesterday, where it sort of turned into this 24 hour comic by Scott Kurtz. But insert best friend in place of parents. I didn’t actually shout it, but that was essentially the subtext. After I was asked for the fifth time “What was wrong?” I snapped.

For the record, when you know that someone has lost someone close to them and is grieving… asking “How are you doing?” is perhaps a bit more appropriate than asking them in a way that doesn’t remind them that there’s something wrong.

But aside from that meltdown (for which I apologized to all present parties and explained what prompted it), it has been a lovely trip.

Tonight we’re going to my aunt’s house in Winterhaven, where the entire neighborhood decorates for Christmas. Lovely displays (often added to yearly) and this will be the first year that I think both boys will really remember it. Then it’s back here, for our Christmas Eve presents (pajamas! A Drake family tradition). And tomorrow’s the big day.

Not only will it be the day that all the presents will be opened, but I’ll be making Christmas dinner along with my mom. It should be fabulous. I’ll make sure there’s a rundown later.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday. And for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, may you have a safe weekend- since there are loads of crazy people rushing around.