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December 28, 2010

All the ranty bits.

Today, I’ve been quietly ranting about a few things. So I thought I’d sum them up and put them out there.

President Obama and Michael Vick. I’ve seen Obama’s comments get overblown. What was the president giving kudos to someone for giving a convict a second chance, when most employers won’t… turned into Obama endorsing Michael Vick.

And you know what? I agree with giving Vick a second chance- football is what the man knows, and honestly, the NFL doesn’t really care what someone’s done so long as they can play the game. Do I think he deserves to be called a hero and a role-model? No. But that’s another rant for another day.

Ana Marie Cox, the journo/pundit, basically blasted Obama and said “what do you expect from someone who bought a dog?” I understand only wanting to rescue dogs. Both the dogs my family had when I lived at home were rescues, and both my cats have been kittens I rescued from the street (and immediately had neutered). It seems silly to me to blast someone for buying a dog from a reputable breeder. For whatever reason, the Obamas felt that breed would be best for their family. Kudos to them for going about it the right way- and finding a good breeder and getting Bo from there.

Blast someone who buys a designer dog and thinks it’s a breed (any of those cutesy combos can be found in a shelter) or someone who buys a dog from a pet store even when they know that those animals probably came from puppy mills. Those are lapses of judgement. Just buying a dog doesn’t mean you’re an idiot.

And finally, I’m tired of seeing FML. I get it- I enjoy the site as much as anyone else. I’ve seen it used appropriately… and then I see people using it to describe every tiny little thing they run up against. Which is actually what I’m tired of. It’s the internet version of Chicken Little, I guess.

Phew. I feel much better. Have something to rant about? Leave a comment and get it off your chest!

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