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December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011.

(Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball, yeah! Oops. Random Chorus Line flash there. Sorry! At least now you all know what inspired the title -W)

2010. What a year. I made some resolutions, most of which promptly went out the window. Though my main resolution, which was Be Fabulous, did remain… and I am fabulous. I might be a mom in a minivan, but I will still rock my skinny jeans, thigh high boots and an inappropriately smokey eye. Because that’s me.

A lot happened. We went on trips… I went to Glen Ivy with Jerad in January, and wrote a review of my trip. And got a letter from Glen Ivy’s president, which said that they were impressed by my writing- I didn’t just write about what I did, but wrote about the whole experience clearly. I have the letter, which I mean to frame. As silly as it is, it really made me feel like I must be doing something right with my blogging.

I went to Tucson in the spring with my family. We rented a car, we went to the Zoo. We discovered that the Little Kidlet really likes Giraffes. And that the Oldest Kidlet doesn’t like peacocks. Seriously, they freaked him out. And I discovered that the lions I remembered being juveniles were now labeled senior citizens. Which made me feel old. That trip didn’t end so well. On the morning we were leaving, my grandma fell and broke her ankle. The whole trip home we were getting text updates… (She had surgery and has recovered, for those wondering)

For our anniversary, TheBoy and I went to Las Vegas. This was our second trip there for our anniversary, and as with the first, the focus was on food. He spent some time at the pool (and their fitness center), and I went to the day spa. And did I mention that we ate well?

I also bought an ice cream machine, and made lots of ice cream over the summer. I tried not to make huge batches, since I didn’t want the in-laws to worry about gaining a ton of weight over the summer- but boy was that a delicious summer.

It was the year of Scott Pilgrim, quite possibly one of the best and most underrated films out there (and you shouldn’t miss out on the graphic novels, either). Actually, the young critics seemed to like it- but since older critics didn’t, and tried to pass it off as a nerdfest, most people didn’t see it. Which was a mistake. I saw it in theaters four times, each time totally worth it. The crowds were different as could be (I even saw some senior citizens), but everyone walked out with a smile. So, take that boring critics- you totally missed the story.

Fall brought birthdays, and I made this Scott Pilgrim themed cake. Boy was that red. (I learned a valuable lesson about using that much frosting coloring. Too much red and it WILL stain)

My kidlets grew older, the little one turned 3 and the oldest turned 5. Where did the time go? They just keep getting taller and taller, and it seems like in no time at all they’ll be taller than I am. Which isn’t hard. I’m only 5’3″ on a good day.

And also, this year closed with the elephant in the room- the loss of my best friend Jerad. It’s been rough, but having this blog as an outlet has helped considerably. While I haven’t been able to jump back into creative writing yet, it’s been good to know that I can pour out my heart and soul here- and that it’s been relatable to those who read. When I found out about Jerad, I felt alone. But I can honestly say that one of the things to come from this was a reminder of how many friends I do have out there.

The other thing is that I’ve been reminded of how short life is. Which I’ll address in the 2011 part of this blog post. The true close to the year was the holiday season, where I got to spend time with my first best friend (my sister) and my family. We had a wonderful time, and except for the one meltdown… there wasn’t drama to be had. Just a lot of good times, some wonderful food and some amazing memories.

I hope that 2011 brings more of the happy things in life. I had two wonderful spa trips with Jerad, where we laughed, ate good food and relaxed in the sunshine. I ate some amazing meals and met some wonderful wonderful people (though Jerad) and hope to count them as friends in the future. I spent some wonderful time with TheBoy, who has proven that he’s truly my soulmate. Whether it was something little like saying that he’d always felt like a part of a song reminded him of figure skating, after I’d mentioned it… to something big, like not minding at all when conversation turned to something depressing, no matter where we were.

Well, 2011. I know you’re going to bring a few things. I’ll turn 31, and my little guy will probably be starting preschool (seriously- where has the time gone?).

I just bought a slew of stuff for the kitchen, so it should bring some great culinary adventures.

And it’ll bring a lot creatively too. I’ve made plans for 2011, and unlike a silly resolution, these are plans- much harder to wriggle out of.

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