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January 5, 2011

Easing Back Into Routines

This week has been one I’ve been looking forward to since the Oldest Kidlet’s Christmas break started- his return to school. You see, for 14 days straight (even when we were in Arizona) he asked when he’d be able to go back to school. That kid loves school- and I don’t blame him, I loved school too as a kid. This vacation has made me realize that summer vacation is going to be ridiculously hard on both of us.

Jumping back into the commute hasn’t been difficult. It’s odd, but something like that becomes a habit. So much so that on Tuesday, I made a left when I meant to make a right- simply because on Tuesdays in the past, I would go left so that I could go to Target. And though I hadn’t initially planned on going to Target, I went and bought some containers to organize the toys.

I also bought some arm warmers, which are essentially arm length mittens without the tips for the hand and thumb. You see, I discovered that it’s unbelievably unpleasant to first discover that it’s cold enough outside that the water in the driveway was slushy and icy…. then realize you have to touch a metal gate with your bare hands to actually leave the house.

For those in places where it gets cold, I’m sure your laughing at me complaining about it being cold enough for water to get slushy. But really- that’s about all I can hope for here in LA. We’re too low in elevation to ever expect snow. And if for some reason it does get that cold, it will be declared the apocalypse and people will riot. I’m just guessing about the riots- in LA people seem to riot whenever they can. They even riot when our team WINS.

The drive has been the easy part, it’s getting back into the routine of the rest of the day. I had become accustomed to sleeping until 6:30 or 7 am (sad when that’s sleeping in) and not getting dressed until 10. So getting going in the morning has been tricky. I think that Donald sums it up (see the picture to the left). Thanks to Santa for bringing me that!

Yes, Santa. I might be 30, but you know… there hasn’t been a year where my family and I didn’t fill stockings on Christmas. The best part is that now that we’re older, we all try to slip some things in there to surprise people. Or in my case, buy something for themselves and try to say that Santa bought it. Go ahead, click the link to see what I bought myself. Then be jealous of the awesome sandwiches I make myself. (Now that I think about it, my sister also used Santa to give me my Care Bear socks that she bought in Harajuku last year. They have Love a Lot Bear on them!)

While I’m still struggling to get back into routine, the boys almost act as though there wasn’t a vacation at all. Which is certainly good- the last thing I’d want is to have to motivate them to get going as well!

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