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February 18, 2011

A few things to think about…

Rather than write about one subject (I’ve been a little brain dead this week), I thought I’d post a few links to news stories that I thought were interesting.

Serene Branson, the KCBS reporter who suffered from asphasia on camera while reporting on the Grammys had a migraine that mirrors a stroke, but didn’t have a stroke. As I suffer from migraines, this is the sort of thing that scares me.

The response to Serene Branson’s on-camera appearance has bothered me. There were those who insisted that it was a stroke, and felt she should have gone to the hospital. Which I agree with- while it wasn’t a stroke, the symptoms were all there… and better to find out it wasn’t than to not follow up after having had a stroke. But then there were those who simply thought that she’d either been drinking or it was jitters, and mocked her relentlessly.

I saw the video, many times, since everyone was covering it on TV and on the web. And every time, I saw the fear in her eyes as the wrong words kept coming out of her mouth. Which told me, it wasn’t just nerves. People with nerves stop and start over… she just kept going.

While I know we love to mock, let’s remember- sometimes there are more serious things going on.

Crystal Renn, the now famous plus sized model who gained weight after recovering anorexia is now being told that at a size 8, she’s “too thin” to be considered plus-sized. Not only that, she felt pressure to gain weight- which she admitted would just be starting a different eating disorder at this point in her life.

Isn’t it entirely possible that this is a sign that we need to drop the labels? Plus-sized in models-speak doesn’t mean the same as it does in real life. If we’re judging someone because they aren’t heavy enough to be considered plus-sized… doesn’t that say that we’re still sending the wrong message? Crystal Renn, at a size 8 is healthy. If she’s happy and looks good, then why can’t that be enough?

Maybe we should just start a campaign for healthy women- of all shapes and sizes. Remember Queen Latifah’s Jenny Craig commercials? Her goal wasn’t to drop dress sizes, it was to lose a little weight to become healthier.

And while I don’t have a link, I just want to say that Charlie Sheen should stop calling in to the Dan Patrick show and focus on his recovery. He still seems to be unable to recognize that it’s up to him to recover, not the people who are rehabilitating him at home. He’d rather joke about wanting to go back to work, than realize that he needs to focus on taking care of himself- not for himself, but for his kids.

I haven’t watched Two and a Half Men in some time. And you know what? I really won’t be watching it now. It ticks me off that a studio continues to reward him for his bad behavior because his stale sitcom keeps bringing in ratings. And unless Charlie Sheen dies, this is the last thing I’m going to say about him in this blog.

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