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February 22, 2011

Sick Sickity Sick

Yesterday we bought annual passes for Disneyland. We went (TheBoy and I for my birthday), and it just seemed like the right time to get passes again. We used to go regularly (we also used to live about two miles from Disneyland), but when the boys were littler, it was tricky.

It was a great trip- up until I started to shiver and couldn’t stop. Even sitting in the sun wasn’t helping, and I was starting to feel dizzy. So we came home, and I took my temperature- over 100 degrees.

Everyone’s been great. TheBoy’s picked up the slack and his mom’s been even more helpful than usual (and I never mean that sarcastically), and I’ve been able to get some rest. Right now, I’m upstairs, sitting by myself, waiting for my temperature to go back down…

Guess I’ll use this time to finish some blog posts I’ve been working on!