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March 11, 2011

Not a fun wakeup.

I’d already stayed up too late, finishing “The Portrait of Dorian Gray.” I drifted off to sleep, and started to wake when the light went on and off on the stairs a few times (I sleep with my door open a teeny bit for the cat).

Then my door opened, and my mother-in-law informed me that there’d been an 8.9 earthquake in Japan. She kept talking, but immediately my brain started to worry about my sister. You see, my dear little sister is in Tokyo, studying. My mother in law had TheBoy on the phone who explained that it wasn’t near Tokyo, but that there were already reports of tsunamis.

So on went the TV, out came the laptop, and I started digging in. It was a huge quake, but most of the major damage wasn’t near Tokyo. And she’d already posted to Facebook that she was okay. But I was awake. I watched as waves of the tsunami swept through an area far north of Tokyo, dragging cars and destroying buildings…

And it was 1 am before I got back to sleep. Right now I’m trying to wake up as it’s time to get going for our Friday. My sister’s fine- while buses are running, the trains are shut down in Tokyo. Thank goodness for Facebook, though- she can post an update and not be inundated with phone calls from half a world away while she tries to get some sleep.

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