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March 17, 2011

Stealing is bad.

This post has been updated- if you already read this, please scroll to the bottom to see the new information.

I was going to write a post about how awesome social media is, and how lame the regular media has been. But I’ll sum it up as this- without Facebook, it’d be really hard to keep in contact with my sister who’s in Tokyo. She’s been able to give friends and family updates without being tied to her phone. (And the day after the quake, she was able to get information on when her train was running from a friend) Meanwhile, most every news station here, network and cable has been having way too much fun trying to scare everyone. I’m really tired of it. Information would be nice, as well as relevant figures. If you say that Tokyo reported 10 times the normal level of radiation in the air, a frame of reference for how much radiation that actually is would be nice. But no… scaring people generates interest.

But now that I summed up my point in one lovely little paragraph, let’s move on to something that’s important as well. Not stealing people’s images.

In 2006, artist Jess Fink had the unfortunate experience of having one of her designs for Threadless ripped off by Todd Goldman and his company “David and Goliath.” She just discovered that Goldman is using the SAME image again.

Not only that, but an etsy user ripped off the same design and when confronted about it again and again has shown absolutely no remorse. In fact she’s just laughed it off.

Let me put this plainly, both cases are out and out theft. There are a lot of regular people who think that if they trace a design or recreate another person’s pattern (for sewing, crotcheting, knitting) that it makes it their own. It isn’t. Just because you’ve reproduced it only makes it your reproduction- it doesn’t make it your intellectual property. In fact, reselling it as your own just makes you a thief.

Art is hard. Coming up with your own ideas and finding your own voice in whatever medium you work in… it isn’t easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be special in the least.

My mom’s on a decorating board and reads responses from women who see modern art done by a non-famous artist… who promptly recreate it for their own homes because they find the cost of an art print too much. They don’t see what they’re doing as wrong, but it is. Even if it’s just to save a buck. (And yes, it is different from doing an art study. Art studies are reproductions of famous artists’ work by an artist so that they can get a feel for the artist’s techniques.)

So yes, theft is bad. And I know it’s wrong to wish for someone’s misery- but I can’t wait until “glitterbiscuits” (the etsy thief) finds out the hard way that there are actual consequences for stealing something.

It looks like Regretsy has decided to help glitterbiscuits learn a lesson. Take a gander at their post on the theft, including some new information on her bitchiness. They’re calling for their readers to flag her shop so that etsy will ban her- so if you have an etsy log in, please take second to report her… and make sure you mention why. Thanks!

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