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April 15, 2011

Checking in.

It’s been an odd week. I got sick, went to the ER and am still recovering. So much to the point that I feel right now like I’m a zombie, sort of slogging through what I need to do just to get to the end of the day.

Which explains the quiet.

So I’m fine. I have a stomach bug that’s mostly cleared up thanks to me going to the ER and getting an IV. While obviously, I probably could have suffered through my bug and gotten better on my own, the IV gave me that boost of hydration my body needed to fight off the rest of what I had. Which is amazing.

TheBoy was a rockstar. When I called him at 4 in the morning to tell him that I’d been throwing up everything in my stomach since 2:30, he was already formulating a gameplan. He called his mom (who of course was just downstairs from me) to tell her I was sick and that he’d take the Oldest Kidlet to school, and to see if perhaps she could watch the boys after he crashed from his day. I wasn’t aware of this, and it wasn’t until she came up to take care of the Oldest Kidlet’s morning request for milk that I knew that she already knew I was sick.

Between the two of them, they made sure I could get some rest- if only I’d been able to sleep. When my stomach cramps weren’t going away (or getting better) and I was starting to look a little pale, we decided it was time to go to the ER. And after the IV and some nausea meds, I was able to sleep again. Phew!

I know I talk a lot about how great my in-laws are, but they really are. Aside from helping me when I’m violently ill, my father in law’s really adapted to my new diet. He’s the first one to ask me if a dish they have is alright, and has actually steered away from some of their typical meals so that I wouldn’t feel excluded. And if there is something I can’t have, he apologizes. Though honestly, I don’t mind. My diet’s about 95% fresh food now, only 5% processed – which has also really helped me out as well.

This isn’t a fully formed blog post, I apologize. But at the moment, it’s all my recovering body can handle. I”m working on a blog post on my favorite taco recipe, and hopefully that’ll be finished soon.