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May 19, 2011

This Crew is Full.

This Crew is Full. A couple months back, we decided we aren’t going to have any more kids. I’d wanted to wait to write about it until after certain things were past, but now it feels like talking about the reasons why are the blogging equivalent of the LeBron Decision special. (However, I did want to touch on the subject – so I thought I’d pull out a pirate metaphor and see where that went)

I’ll say this. When I was a kid, I always said I’d have two kids. After I had the Little Kidlet, I thought about a third, mostly because I wanted to try for a girl. But honestly, these two keep my hands full. Not to mention they’ve given me plenty of gray hair. If I had a third, I’d wind up looking like Storm. Which actually, might be awesome.

TheBoy and I had both secretly been thinking about whether or not we should stop at two, so at least there were no disagreements there. He had a vasectomy. I was there for it, and I’m proud of him for not being knocked out – I know that he’s had issues with blood and such in the past. (No, he didn’t watch it, but I did. It was cool, but keep in mind, I used to want to be a coroner… so don’t go looking up videos based on my word alone) He did his research, and followed the doctor’s directions to the letter, as well as took the advice posted from men who’d already had the procedure. Which were essentially, ice often, wear an athletic supporter and don’t exercise. He followed that advice, and there were no complications.

The strangest part was him having to wait to go give a specimen for them to test so that they could certify that he was indeed sterile (I honestly think this is the first time I’ve written the word). Mostly because it’s not like that’s anything he’s done before, so it was odd. And the doctor’s office forgot to check the box that said it was a post-vasectomy testing, so he had to check that box himself. Then we waited a week, and he got the call from the doctor… and here we are. (He made a certificate saying he was sterile that I wish I could have shown here, but it wasn’t letting him save it as an image – it also certified that the procedure gave TheBoy ninja powers. Go him)

I salute everyone who can handle more than two kids. I just know TheBoy and I just aren’t in that group. So, sorry to all those who’ve commented that I need to have more kids (and there have been plenty in the last year). You’ll just have to be satisfied with these two quirky kidlets.