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May 24, 2011

You threw off my groove!

I had my groove thrown off today.

We were running late. So late, in fact, that I had completely forgotten to put on makeup. Which, for me is a problem. Without concealer under my eyes, I look like a raccoon. Thank you, anemia/allergies/whatever. But I digress, we were running late.

On our route to the Oldest Kidlet’s school is a construction zone that’s a little bit like a slalom. The entrance to the construction area is on the opposite end of the construction zone, and I was zipping through as usual, trying to make up the lost time when I saw… a highway patrol car. I tried to slow down without looking like I was slamming on my brakes because I saw him, but on went the lights. I pulled off to the side, put the car in park as I tried to get out all the paperwork I needed.

Meanwhile, the kids were excited that they got to see a cop. So nice when the kids are on your side, right?

I got my ticket. I got a lecture. All while I watched cars speed past me because they knew they couldn’t get pulled over.

As I watched the officer walk back to his patrol car, all I could think was, “You threw off my groove!”

I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's Groove.

I was floating through the day, trying to get back my groove. A chai latte didn’t work. Nor did my son trying to make me laugh.

Then, the Little Kidlet stopped and looked down at his trains and yelled, “It’s a track!” and sounded as much like Admiral Ackbar as a three year old can. I laughed, and did was all parents do these days, I tweeted about it.

Which led to DoctorFlux (one of the tweeps I talk to frequently these days) sending me picture after picture of Admiral Ackbar.

And after seeing the above picture? I could safely say that I managed to regain my groove.

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