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May 30, 2011

Things on my mind.

Now that Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides is out, I’m back to working on my pirate novel. I found myself a bit stuck when Dead Man’s Chest came out, and there were certain elements that were similar. Similar enough I didn’t want to be labeled a copycat. So I moved over to other projects (mostly raising my kids) and let this one sit alone, in the hopes that things would percolate in my brain and be ready when I came back later on.

Which I’m pleased to say, it has.

While writing, I use a steady stream of the Pirates soundtracks and a few other tracks that get me in a nautical mind. So I purchased the On Stranger Tides original soundtrack (which can be confusingly abbreviated OST OST). It’s made up of familiar themes from the previous movies (thank you Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer), with the addition of Spanish guitar. Very nice. Except that a lot of this soundtrack to me is simply reworking existing tracks to throw in the Spanish undertones (like OST’s Mutiny reminds me of Swords Crossed from Curse of the Black Pearl, but sweetened with Spanish guitar and the orchestral tone that Zimmer brings to the table). A lot of familiar, and not much new. However, I did like that all the choral vocals in this movie are female. I just had to get that off my chest.

Now, the internet is abuzz with the news that Mark Zuckerberg is killing animals for food. More specifically, he’s only consuming the meat of animals that he has killed himself. Every year, he tries to do something to better himself. In 2009 he wore a tie every day (tough one, I know), and last year he learned Mandarin. So he got in touch with someone who has a local farm, learned how they raise their animals and killed them. Now, he does take the slain animal to a butcher to be cut up, but he has been using as much of the animals as he can.

There are people who are horrified. However, he’s pointed out that this means he’s essentially a vegetarian- it isn’t like he’s killing animals around the clock to be able to have meat at every meal. So what is so bad about his experiment- really? It’s forcing him to remember that meat comes from an animal. And considering he only explained himself after posting to friends that he’d killed a goat, he obviously isn’t doing this for a publicity stunt- unlike Sarah Palin who gleefully said she and her family hunted, in an effort to point out that she was just a normal person.

Frankly, there is a lot about the way we eat we don’t think about. We eat foods and do our best not to think about what’s in them or where they came from. We even try to ignore the fact that we regularly ship fruits and veggies across the world so that we can eat strawberries year round. I applaud him for trying to be more involved in the process, and using his wealth (since let’s face it, not everyone could afford to buy the whole goat to slaughter, etc, etc) to do it.

While I’m not slaughtering my own animals, I’ve been roasting whole chickens. The Little Kidlet’s been able to eat chicken now, so I’ve been having fun using Julia Child’s recipe. Laugh all you like, but it’s hard not to remember that a chicken was a chicken when you see it all trussed up- it’s easy to forget once it’s broken down.

With that- I’m off to start my day. I think I might pick up a chicken on the way home, so that I can roast another bird for my baby (and me- Julia Child’s recipe is so good).

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