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June 9, 2011


(Yes, I was thinking of the start of Fantasmic! when I typed that)

My little guy is growing up! As I’ve mentioned here, he’s three and a child of few words. Well, up until recently he was. Now he talks up a storm and definitely has an opinion on everything.

He’s also developing quite the imagination, just like his brother. I watch him play when it’s just the two of us and Thomas and Percy are always off on some exciting adventure.

Yesterday was “Burger Day.” Which means that provided the Oldest Kidlet behaved himself that week, we get lunch from a fast food joint – a full meal for OK, fries for LK. It’s something we all look forward to. And every so often we get In-n-Out, which means that I can join in, since they have “protein style” burgers which are wrapped in lettuce. YUM.

The girl working the register gave the boys stickers, and LK managed to snag both of them yesterday. He has a hard time getting the stickers off the back of the paper, but he has no problem ordering you where to put them.

He created this (sorry for the graininess, but the webcam seemed to be the best option for capturing it at the time):

Keep in mind, we were placing the stickers on one at a time, so I had no idea what was going to happen. “This one!” He pointed to the large car with the hood up. “The sign, right there.” I started to put it on straight, but he turned the paper. “Yes! You see, it hit the sign and the front is broken.” Then he started placing cars in the back. “This one. This one. This one. Now they crash into the other cars!” “The boy goes here. He says it’s funny” (And no, we don’t watch the Simpsons with the kidlets, so he has no idea about Nelson Muntz’ Ha-ha!) Then he put the other person standing on the back of the car. “To see the crash.”

I am saving this silly sticker page forever.

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