Well, Twitter, that just happened.

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The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for “A Good Man Goes To War”, the mid-season finale for Doctor Who.

Here is your River Song warning, sweeties. Spoilers! For those reading along in an RSS reader, I’m throwing in a flying TARDIS to keep you from being spoiled unless you want to.

Well, we learned that River Song is Amy and Rory’s stolen daughter Melody. I won’t go into how much I loved it, because you might not. But it did lead to a very interesting conversation on Twitter.

Update: Neil Gaiman replied back to Steven with “We did, didn’t we?

So there you have it. Figured my Whovian friends would get a laugh. (I should note that I had to copy/paste Neil Gaiman’s ladder tweet into the conversation. Because he replied to Steven Moffat first, it didn’t thread into the convo – the actual time it posted was nearly identical)

  • Whitney! You’re in to Doctor Who???? I didn’t know…  (Shan is going “uh yeah”) So when you coming over to NC to hang out with me and Shannon! Better yet, I think we need a group trip to Cardiff!

  • Anonymous

    I’m totally into Doctor Who. I hadn’t been, but when they were switching doctors, my best friend convinced me that it was time to start watching and I was obsessed from that very first episode.  (And now I’m skipping around getting caught up.  I’ve seen nearly all the Tennet eps now)

    Hah!  If I’m ever out in NC, we’ll definitely have to.  🙂  Though Cardiff, I think, would also be a must.