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June 25, 2011

Sorry for the silence!

BIL graduated from college, we’re having a party here tonight. Between that and the first week of the Kidlet’s summer school (the preschool version of day camp), it’s been a little crazy.

I’ll have regular posts resuming Monday.

I wasn’t a fan of Jackass, but it’s pretty shocking to hear about Ryan Dunn. Not so much that he passed away, but that he’d had 11 drinks over a 4 hour period that resulted in a BAC of .196 and got into his car. He crashed going 130 mph and his car actually went 40 yards off the road. That’s 120 feet. If you’re going to be going out for drinks… make sure you have a designated driver, and if something changes and your DD is no longer sober- just call a cab. It’s really not worth it.

Tomorrow I’m sneaking off to Disneyland, solo, for a little geekery. Then heading off to a friends’ house for a housewarming party. Should be an awesome day!