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August 7, 2011

A free lesson in advertising.

Want to know what’s wrong with America? We’re lazy. I’m not talking about obesity and all that- but just look at your Facebook stream sometime, and look at all the posts asking people to copy/paste a message. Do I support the troops? Have I lost someone to cancer? Yes. I just won’t repost it.

Why? Copy/pasting something isn’t activism. We copy/paste these messages and feel like we’ve done something, when we haven’t done anything at all.

I’m going to give you all a free lesson in direct response advertising (which is what I did in my prior life). Direct response advertising is just what it sounds like- it can be anything from the mail you get that urges you to call a company, to an informercial that asks you to call now. The point is… they end with a call to action to get you to do something. Call now. Visit our website. Jump off a cliff. (Just kidding)

If you want to make a difference on Facebook? There’s one simple way to do it, include a link. Link to a charity you believe in, someone who’s fundraising for the cause, or an event that’s related. If you want to show how much you care about the troops, or how much cancer has affected your life- give me something to think about, a way for me to show that I care as well.

No, I’m not going to address the political reposts- the ones that are meant as jokes, but written to divide us. No matter which side they mock, I’m against them. I think the nation could use a little less dividing, don’t you?

Here are a couple of things that I would like to call your attention to (and they’re mostly related):

Prayers for Gianna – the daughter of a woman I worked with at Disneyland has hydrocephalus (the build up of fluid around the brain) and is facing a developmental setbacks that seem to be caused by something else. They’re looking for answers and haven’t found it yet. This is a FB page set up by the family asking for prayers and support.

Their Everribbon page – if you’d like to help them pay for all the tests and care Gianna’s needed.

Doctors Without Borders – They do amazing work around the world, getting medical care to the corners of the world that need it. Given the ongoing issues in Haiti and the current drought in Somalia… there are plenty of places that could use your help.

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