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September 24, 2011

Dear Pottermore

Dear Pottermore,

I struggled to find the Magical Quill to gain early entry to Pottermore (mostly because the first few were released at times that were good for people in the UK, but not so wonderful for a West Coaster like me), but I did it! I have my first email congratulating me and a username that I hope I can remember.

I watched as my friends have gushed over how exciting it was to be sorted, even posting YouTube videos to rub it in that they got in the House they always maintained they’d be in, when others were sorted elsewhere.

I’ve waited, and waited.

I checked my spam folder regularly to make sure my official welcome didn’t get routed there. I even tried to log in, you know- just in case that welcome email magically disappeared. We are talking the Harry Potter Universe. But no, I’m not welcome yet.

I’ve blamed house elves, goblins and even faeries. But really, Pottermore… you’ve just reduced me to being upset that I was promised an advanced look at your site before it opens to the general public in October. That’s right. It’s September 24th, and I still haven’t gotten my email.

Oh, I know. All this disappointment will be forgotten when I can access the site at last. I’m sure of it. But seriously. What was the point of even trying to get the Magical Quill at this point?

Sincerely Yours,
CrimsonFlame34 aka Whitney

(I know, whining is something I don’t recommend my kids do- but I got my first email on August 5th. I think almost two months of patience is fairly commendable here)

OH HAPPY DAY. It is now Tuesday, and I got my email welcoming me into Pottermore. I made it to the sorting hat and…. I’m a Slytherin! This should surprise no one. I’m ambitious, I like being at the center of things. Remember, Slytherin does not equal evil.

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