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September 29, 2011

I survived! Now where’s my tshirt?

Yesterday was probably one of the busiest days I’ve had in awhile, and yet, I know that it’s just the warm up to what the next 14 years will be like.

Aside from the usual dropping the kids off at both schools and pick them up routine, I also had to take them both to the allergist (for the Little Kidlet’s annual checkup- more on that in a bit) and after that, I had to go to Back to School night for the Oldest Kidlet.

Now, the allergist. I’m not sure if I blogged at length about LK’s allergy struggles, but we were referred to this allergist by a dermatologist- and I’m quite happy with him. He’s attentive, great with kids, and doesn’t treat me like I have no clue what’s I’m doing. Yes, I’ve had enough doctors who act like I don’t really know what’s going on with myself or my kids, that I get a little wary.

We had a great year, allergy-wise. Only a couple of breakouts (hives) and we didn’t need to use the epi-pen at all. So we’re going to retest his allergies and do the scratch test. I know that they aren’t 100% accurate, but it should give us a place to start for this upcoming year. I hope that he can have eggs. While any of the allergies would open up his world… egg definitely would make life easier. (He’d be able to have Udi’s breads)

Back to School Night was interesting. At the private school, the opening remarks are held in the gym and everyone is silent the second that any started to speak. At the elementary school, they were held at the lunch tables and people were only quiet when the principal was talking, but kept conversations going when one of the teachers was translating in Spanish and when the PTA head and Dad’s Club head were talking. Lots of parents brought their kids, but nobody asked them to be quiet.

Yes, I was thoroughly bothered by the rudeness of it all. No, the opening remarks aren’t all that exciting, but you’re supposed politely listen to them and maybe you’ll learn something.

I learned that they were just starting a special dress day each week. On Thursdays, instead of the uniform, kids can wear college apparel. Meaning, they can bust out their UCLA tshirts & jackets. Or in Oldest Kidlet’s case, University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) and University of Hawaii (a gift from his uncle, who went to Hawaii on vacation). We live in a house of UCLA fans (and a USC fan) and nobody has bought them clothes. I’d be disappointed, but the boys both love their Wildcat shirts.

I also got to meet the Oldest Kidlet’s girlfriend. Well, possible girlfriend. She sits next to him (at the smart kids’ table), and they’re apparently inseparable at recess. He’s told me that she’s beautiful a few times. I started to think that this was all too young for love, and then I remembered that I’d wanted to get married in preschool. Ah, young love.

I came home, and crashed. I’m paying for it all today- I’m already on my second chai latte. Hopefully I can keep the caffeinated buzz going so that I don’t crash.

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