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October 23, 2011

Liveblogging Kidlets & Pirates of the Caribbean

We’re watching Curse of the Black Pearl for the first time, so I figured I’d share whatever gems popped up.

At the first shot of Jack
Oldest Kidlet: His boat has water in it? Who is he?
Me: Captain Jack Sparrow
OK: Spardow?
LK: (echoing) Spardow?

As the dingy sinks at the dock
Oldest Kidlet: He is a silly silly pirate captain

Elizabeth falls off the fort
Little Kidlet: Where’s the girl?
Oldest Kidlet: Why is she in the water?
Me: She fell from the fort.
Oldest Kidlet: Why would she do that?
Me: You don’t fall on purpose.

Jack to the rescue
Oldest Kidlet: It’s a good thing he’s the best swimmer.
Little Kidlet: WHA HAPPENING.

Jack in the Smithy
Little Kidlet starts waving his pirate sword around in general, and is actually imitating the swordfight. He’s trying (and failing) to get his brother to oppose him. Instead, he’s just smacking him with the sword.

Oldest Kidlet is looking at all Will’s swords. “I only have one.”

Arrival of the Black Pearl
TheBoy: Pirates are attacking the city
And both the boys just blankly stare at the TV.
Oldest Kidlet: They’re scary pirates.
Me: I know, but it’s just pretend.

Elizabeth arrives on the Black Pearl
Oldest Kidlet: THAT’S A BIG ONE
TheBoy: What?
Me: Did you mean the ship?
Oldest Kidlet: Yeah, mine (his toy ship) is tiny.

Will & Jack commandeer the Interceptor
Mother-in-law: Is it bath time?
Oldest Kidlet: But I’m going to miss the pirate movie
Mother-in-law: Don’t you have school tomorrow
Oldest Kidlet: Oh, I definitely need a bath, then.
Me: What about the movie?
Oldest Kidlet: We own it. I can watch it later.

After bath time, the boys came back into the movie just as the Interceptor blew up.
Oldest Kidlet: Why is he trapped?
Me: There was a battle and the mast fell across the hold.
Oldest Kidlet: Oh. (Yes, my son knows what a mast and a hold are) Is he going to be okay?
Me: Yes.

Elizabeth & Jack walk the plank
Oldest Kidlet: Are they making her walk the plank?
Little Kidlet: Yes
Oldest Kidlet: Jack is the best swimmer.

Elizabeth sets the Island on fire
Me: It’s so that passing ships would see the smoke.
Oldest Kidlet: Can’t she just call for help?
Me: Phones weren’t invented yet.
Oldest Kidlet & Little Kidlet: No way.

The face-off in the Island
“We’re all men of our words, except Elizabeth, who is in fact a woman.”
Oldest Kidlet: He says a lot of things I don’t understand. But he’s funny.
Little Kidlet: Don’t touch bad gold.

The crew of the Pearl “take a walk”
Oldest Kidlet: Are they underwater? Is that even possible?
Me: Cursed.
Oldest Kidlet: Oh. Why didn’t they just take their boats?
Me: They’re sneaking up on the Navy.
Oldest Kidlet: And are those pirates wearing dresses?
Me: Let me guess, you’re confused.
Oldest Kidlet: I’m too tired for this. Come and get me when it’s time for bed.
(I should note that the Little Kidlet is just watching this movie, completely enthralled. He just isn’t saying much)

“Now Bring Me That Horizon”
Little Kidlet: The end.
Me: How did you know that was the end of the movie?
Little Kidlet: It’s the end.
Me: Well it is, but he’s singing the song first.
Little Kidlet: Piwates Life fo Me.
Me: That one. Did you like the movie?
Little Kidlet: I like pirates.
Me: In general or the movie?
Little Kidlet: I like pirates.