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November 20, 2011

I had a dream…

..and I dreamed it for you, June. And if it wasn’t for me, then where would you be, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee-

Just kidding. I just really love Gypsy. With all this talk about Natalie Wood’s death, it has me thinking about some of her more memorable roles. While for West Side Story was all about Rita Moreno’s Oscar winning turn as Anita for me, Gypsy was all about Natalie Wood for me.

There was something about Gypsy that attracted me- the story of a girl overshadowed by her sister only to emerge and become a bigger star. Which is odd. Because out of my sister and I, I was the one who got attention for my talents first. But it resonated with me. Maybe because boys didn’t really notice me?

Anyways, I learned a lot from Gypsy. That a lady doesn’t give it all away, they leave them wanting more. Also, if I’m going to be an ecdysiast, I want fabulous costumes.

(For the 1989 revival of Gypsy, the ladies of You Gotta Get a Gimmick appeared on Geraldo. I share because the live audience really does add something. And they’re hysterical)

Enough about Gypsy. I had a very vivid dream last night, and I’m mining part of it for a novel. The rest… well, the rest didn’t make much sense at all. Imagine a modern rom com that shifted to a period piece, then to an action movie. I think there was a horror element to it, too. But at least there was a moment that was wonderful and perfect.

I had thought about sharing more about the dream, but it was really too random for me to elaborate more about without someone worrying that I need a straight jacket and a padded cell. I suppose that at least I can take comfort in knowing that my brain is constantly dreaming up stories.

As long as I can remember I’ve had vivid dreams. In high school I used to have a series of dreams where my friends and I moved into Disneyland and lived in various attractions/shops after the park closed. It was a continuing dream, which I’m told is fairly rare. I lived in the Tiki Room.

Here’s to hoping my dreams, even if they’re nonsensical, continue to be entertaining. (I feel the need to share that my spellcheck suggested I replace nonsensical with nonconsensual)

Day 20 of NaBloPoMo

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