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November 25, 2011

Lazy Friday

After watching countless television ads, my oldest asked us about Black Friday. So he announced it to everyone as though it were a holiday. We made sure he understood that we weren’t shopping. That for us, Friday is about relaxing.

But still, “It’s Black Friday! Black Friday!” Which makes me think of the stupid Kohl’s Friday parody song, and the fact that it had a cardinal Black Friday sin in it- namely, the woman taking something out of someone’s cart. The family agrees that that’s the way to get beaten up. Or apparently these days, sprayed with pepper spray.

Thanksgiving was a success. The meal was served about 4:30, and somehow we managed to get everything out and warm. While I cooked the asparagus, I reheated the meal I’d made for LK & I in the oven, and it turned out well. I forgot to take pictures- it was a busy day. Worst foodie ever.

I liked the stuffing recipe I used, though I think I’ll add more vegetables next time, and now I know how much broth to add. The gravy was perfect, and unbelievably easy to make. (I did not use the flour from the gluten-free recipe I’d seen, so I made a slurry instead- where you mix together broth & flour prior to adding it to the drippings) The turkey was amazing, though I’m definitely just going to make a turkey breast for LK and I next year.

I discovered that the Oldest Kidlet wants to help in the kitchen, and doesn’t mind getting messy. He rubbed butter all over my turkey (my recipe? Don’t stuff the bird except with a little bunch of herbs, cover the skin with a TON of butter and sprinkle on some salt, pepper and chopped herbs. Then cook per the directions your bird came with- I tented mine with foil for most of it, and it came out golden and extremely juicy). Of course, this led to an uncomfortable conversation about butchering animals for food.

OK: We’re having a real turkey?
Me: No, it’s a fake one.
OK: This isn’t a real turkey. Those have feathers and say gobble gobble.
Me: (long pause) Sweetie, this was a real turkey. But in order for us to eat it, they had to kill it and plucked off all the feathers for us.
OK: Is that its eye? (He saw the pop up thermometer in it)
Me: No, that’s the thermometer. They actually took off its head…
OK: And its feet, too? I don’t see any feet.

While I’m glad that he does seem to understand that the animals he learned about are the ones we eat, I wish I’d told him that we don’t need to share this with everyone. Yes, yesterday he told everyone at dinner that we were having a real turkey, it just had its feathers plucked and head chopped off.

That’s my boy?

I should add that I’m extremely thankful for TheBoy, who couldn’t sleep yesterday morning (he works overnights, so he only got off work Thursday morning) and actually stayed up over 24 hours in order to help with Thanksgiving. He is a rock star, and there’s no way his mom and I could have pulled off the day without him- well, not without tearing our hair out.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that you have a safe weekend.

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