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November 26, 2011


I know that my kids wear me out, but I’ve discovered that my brother in law makes me tired, too.

The youngest brother in law is 23, and he and his girlfriend go out all the time. Out late at night, up relatively early in the morning. They went shopping on Black Friday at midnight and came home in the middle of the night, then went out to a family dinner and got home late and turned right around to go out with their friends.

I’m exhausted just typing this.

When TheBoy and I were their age, I’d already left Disney and was working a 9-5 (and then some) for an oral surgeon. He was a lead at Disneyland, and working 40+ hours. You know what we did? We’d go to work, and crash on the couch at home with a meal. For kicks, we’d watch bad movies and make up drinking games to go along with them. (Unless you want your liver to fail, please don’t ask about the Pearl Harbor drinking game. That one was brutal- and we didn’t have that many rules!)

I admit, we were never really the stay out all night partying types. In college we’d stay up all night coding, and I’d stay up all night in gaming binges. And our solo Vegas trips were more about roller coasters, food and a little gambling than about clubbing. (Now they’re all about food. And spas. YES)

I guess I’m admitting that we aren’t the all-nighter crowd anymore- unless it’s because one of the boys is violently ill.

But honestly, I’m fine with that.

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