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December 12, 2011

Might as well jump!

My sister, who is in Japan, asked me for help in getting copies of two albums. One is David Foster’s “The Christmas Album” (which I have) and Kenny and Dolly’s “Once Upon a Christmas” – which I can’t find my copy of, and apparently you can’t download anywhere. You can buy people’s used CDs… but it seems odd that it isn’t still being distributed. Still working on that one, Weird.

Over the weekend, we went to a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. She’s turning seven and had a Tangled themed party. I’d share pictures, but I really only got pics of one thing. The jumper. They had a bounce house with a slide off it, and the second the Little Kidlet saw it, he was taking off his shoes because he just HAD to get inside.

After a couple moments, he appeared at the bottom of the slide with a giant smile on his face and ran back to the inflatable step into the bounce house.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t climb up the giant step, and had to be helped up each and every time he went in… which was often.

Now, the Oldest Kidlet is quite shy at birthday parties. He took a few minutes to get the lay of the land, and sat next to me on the steps to the house. “Do you want to go inside?”

He watched the kids as I took off his shoes. “I think I’ll sit here for a little bit.”

Just then his brother stood in the net window of the bounce house. “Come in! It’s so much fun!” And just like that, the Oldest Kidlet’s shyness was replaced by the stronger need to have fun with his brother.

Watching them, they simply lit up as they played in that bounce house. When the opportunity arose, I snuck in and bounced for awhile- I even went down the slide! Then the Little Kidlet grabbed TheBoy and said, “Daddy, shoes off. Let’s go!”

So I watched my boys bounce with their father, and in that instant, everyone’s troubles melted away and there was nothing but happiness there.

The next time we’re all blue, I think we might just rent a bounce house and jump our cares away. And if I come into enough money, I’m just going to buy one. Seriously.

(Sorry, no pictures of them bouncing. I kept forgetting I had a camera in my phone for some reason, and didn’t take many pictures.)

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