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December 13, 2011

Progress of sorts.

Non-parents, I apologize. Nobody really wants to read about potty training. So feel free to skip this post.

In the past I’ve talked about the Little Kidlet, and his stubbornness when it came to potty training. Yes, he’s four and still wears pull ups*. While he went through the motions in his class, he made it clear (with tantrums) that he wanted nothing to do with the bathroom here. And his teacher advised us to try, but not to force him. Because it’s not that he doesn’t understand, or is afraid… he just doesn’t want to do it. Since it’s a control issue, it had to be his idea.

My mom told me to keep doing that, but to keep finding new things to bribe him with. She said that every kid had their price. I was just lucky that the Oldest Kidlet’s price was cheap (yay Hot Wheels!).

I’d tried everything. Hot Wheels. Didn’t work. I withheld a birthday present that he’d been especially excited to play with. Didn’t work either. I actually gave him that when we weren’t sure if he’d actually peed in the toilet or not, and from then on, he just wanted cars for it (it was a Color Change carwash). That’s what finally worked.

Last night thought, I was running low on cars. I asked if he wanted a Skittle. “No, Skittle.” I asked if he’d want a toy from the treasure box. “No treasure.” I asked if he’d use the potty for a cookie. “A cookie? YES!” Then he jumped off the couch and ran into the bathroom. And he went! As excited as he was about that, he was way more excited about the cookie.

I know that we still have a long road ahead of us. But at least we’re moving.

*For those new to this blog, we held off potty training the Little Kidlet when he was 1 1/2-2 because he didn’t talk much. He just didn’t want to talk, so there was no real way to get him to acknowledge that he had to go. Then, once he did talk… he went from mild mannered to a Hulkling at the mere mention of the bathroom.

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