December 15, 2011

Lazy Writing, H5O.

I watch Hawaii Five-O. It’s by no means a realistic show. But I sort of love that I can turn off my brain and watch some crazy TV show once a week. Let’s admit it- with the way the show was in the first season, there was no way that any case could have ever gone to trial.

The second season started on a tense note. Steve was accused of murder, the team broken up. Kono lost her badge just as Steve was cleared and Hawaii Five-O was back in action.

So while Kono brooded and was obviously doing undercover work to get her badge back (why yes, I guessed that right away, since she wasn’t acting like herself at all)… they introduced Lori. I think that’s how you spell it- I usually call her Miss Homeland Security. Why learn her name? The Lt Governor added her to the team to help keep Hawaii Five-O in check, and she’s helpful- Lori has a vague set of skills that relate to kidnappings and hostages. But she was clearly added not to put some tension in the team (she hasn’t done much of anything but agree with them), but to be a future love interest for Steve. Which is silly. He had a sexy naval officer, and that was an intriguing relationship. This just feels forced.

I don’t mind the presence of someone else on the team. I don’t even mind Steve getting a new love interest. But Lori adds nothing other than some blond hair and the tendency to do Blue Steel in any action scene. Oh, there was the scene where she talked car to the car thieves. (Can I also make a comment about her clothes? She either dresses like a skank or a grandma. And I’m really not sure what they were thinking in having her cosplay as Sandy from Grease. It just didn’t work.)

See? Nearly Blue Steel. She makes this face through 90% of the show.

There’ve been a few other bizarre things from this season. I don’t believe for an instant that Kono couldn’t have figured out a way to tell Chin Ho that she was working for IA, especially since she’d stood by him when he’d lost his badge. In the episode where they went to Korea, Danny was on board for what might be a suicide mission without even a call to his daughter? Neither of these would have taken much screen time. But they’re the little touches that keep people enjoying the show without wondering if it’s gone too far.

I don’t ask for a lot. You can continue to come up with crazy plots where they violate just about every law set in place for due process. Heck, the Korea thing was just plain nuts, but it was interesting. You can throw in just about any opportunity for Steve to go shirtless (you managed to show off his abs while he was being tortured in Korea. See pic at left). You could also make an entire episode out of the team punching Tom Sizemore’s character. Just make the characters consistent… and don’t add a love interest for Steve unless you can actually create some sort of tension. Anything that was promising about Lori vanished in her second episode- which is when she stopped questioning Steve’s methods.

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