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December 30, 2011

The Busiest Week in the World.

This is the busiest week in the world. It is! I know, you’re thinking I’m crazy. After all, loads of people have it off of school and work. It can’t be busy- they couldn’t possibly be wanting to do whatever it is you want to do!

But they do. This is the one week you couldn’t pay me to go to Disneyland. It’s so crowded that all but their most expensive annual passes have them blacked out. They actually sell out of tickets. They actually close the front gates. If you thought other times were crowded, you don’t want to experience that level of crowded.

Malls are crowded with people spending their Christmas loot.

Yesterday we went to the LA Zoo, and even the animals seemed uncomfortable with the number of people there. Yes, we went to the Zoo last week with my parents, but TheBoy was busy sleeping. And since he has this week off of work, we decided to go again.

The Oldest Kidlet was especially excited to see the Siberian Tigers again- they have some cubs that have been on display since the beginning of the month, and we had fun watching them play. I warned him that they might not be out (they’ve been alternating between the mother and cubs and the male tiger), but as we turned the corner towards the enclosure, you could hear the crowd.

It was hard to find a place, everyone was clamoring to see the young cubs play. There were lots of photographers with telephoto lenses (The LA Zoo has recommendations about getting good photos on their website). And the mother tiger seemed to be upset by all of the noise. She paced back and forth along the front of the enclosure, vocalizing angrily. Yes, I’ve been to lots of zoos in my life. I’ve seen big cats that were happy, and big cats that were moments away from spraying someone (thankfully, never me). She was PO’d.

We made sure we saw the orangutans, as my parents had the boys adopt the baby orangutan through the zoo (well, they’re two of the many people who adopted her). When we were there with my parents, they weren’t out. But there was a big crowd, and there she was with her mother. My boys squealed, “Abie Baby!” and smooshed against the glass to watch them for awhile. Only when it was clear that they were going to be getting treats, and no longer relaxing, they decided it was time to go.

We trekked to the entrance for lunch (after attempting to wait in a ridiculously long line at another eatery) and it was clear that both boys were exhausted.

So future self, if you look back on this post, wondering if you should go to the zoo during the week after Christmas… no. Don’t do it. Not unless only want to see a few animals and wait for 20 minutes to get lunch.

As far as doing anything else… just do it without kids.

Now, for anyone else reading this, I’ve bought a slew of appetizers to bake tomorrow for New Year’s Eve, and will be staying in with TheBoy- an excellent tradition!

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