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January 10, 2012

All is quiet, all is busy.

I’ve been quiet, and as usual, it means I’m busy.

Busy getting the kidlets ready to go back to school. The Oldest Kidlet was so excited to go back to school yesterday that he jumped for joy Sunday night and did a happy dance today. I joined in both times. As excited as he was to get back to normal and seeing his friends, I was thrilled that I wouldn’t have him around 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I love him so much that words can’t describe it. But he’d gotten an idea that I lead an exciting life when he wasn’t around.

Every day he expected to run new errands, and did his best to try to get special perks for being my assistant. He tried to get us to go to Starbucks every day, and didn’t quite understand when I explained about Starbucks being a sometimes thing. I lost all my daily writing time. He spent the rest of it asking me 5,000 questions, which I can’t be upset about. I know I did the same thing to my mom.

He stopped calling me Mommy. I’m now just Mom. I’m torn between being happy that Mom sounds hipper than Mommy, or sad that my son is growing up. Worse yet, when I told him not to call me Mom, he said, “Should I call you Whitney instead?”

I’ve been busy with lots of other things, too. Doing some research on a project I’m involved with… secretsecretsecret stuff for now. It’s not writing related, but definitely in line with things I’m good at.

And I’ve been working on my WIP. Not the novel, but the WIP that constantly distracts me, with the character that seems to invade my head more often than not. I admit, I’m working on the novel too- but mostly in planning phases and not text yet. To steal film jargon, it’s in pre-production. Still, always, forever. (Just kidding. That first draft will get done by the end of the year)

If nothing, 2012 has started off looking like a great year. Lots of opportunities and I just have to keep myself going.

Next time, things I’ve realized now that I’m turning 32.