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January 12, 2012


I dread Thursday afternoons. You see, the Oldest Kidlet has a homework packet that’s due every Friday. One of the pages is a quiz page. You set a timer for a minute and see how much your child can read in both words and numbers. (Actually, he’s in the advanced group, so he gets words. I believe it’s letters and small words for the rest of the class)

OK is a perfectionist. When he sets out to do something, he wants to get it right. Every new batch of words, he expects to know them all. This wasn’t a problem when the words were short. He flew through those. But now we have longer words (this week’s batch included because, there, their and words with lots of silent letters. Like know), and it’s difficult to get through them all. Which usually leads into a full on meltdown.

This week he made it through half of them. The timer went off and he looked at me, smiling. Smiling!

“That’s pretty good, if you ask me.” Then he picked up his pencil. “And I didn’t even cry.”

Of course, that feeling of pride didn’t last too long. No long after, he and his brother were trading blows over a booklet from a LEGO set that he had stolen from his little brother. You can’t win them all.

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