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January 19, 2012

I’ve been dreading this day…

Just as a recap, I have two boys. The Oldest Kidlet (6) talks a mile a minute. The Little Kidlet (4) is much quieter, and usually only talks if he’s really excited, playing, or wants something.

I’ve been using LK’s quiet nature to help keep secrets and to save time during my day. After I picking up LK from preschool, if I’m too tired to make lunch I’ll go ahead and pick up fries for him and a burger for me. I know that he won’t tell his brother (getting what happened at school out from him takes some interrogation), so I don’t have to worry about one brother freaking out because the other brother got something else.

Well, up until yesterday, that was the case.

Yesterday, I picked up fries for the Little Kidlet and a soda for me. We drove home, he ate his fries and life was great.

Then we went to pick up his brother. I was worried the car might smell like fries, but I didn’t think so, and off we went to collect the Oldest Kidlet.

Nothing was said about the smell of fries, and we pulled into our driveway. As I put the car in park, the Little Kidlet said, “I had some fries today.”

The Oldest Kidlet looked at me. “I knew the car smelled like something delicious. You didn’t get me fries? This isn’t faaaaiiiiiiiir.”

“No,” I deadpanned. “He said we have a surprise for you today.” He didn’t buy it- he speaks LK better than anyone in this house.

Needless to say, I’m not going to be picking up lunch for the two of us anymore. I’m fairly certain that the days of the Little Kidlet keeping quiet are over, and I doubt it’ll be any time soon that the Oldest Kidlet will realize that he has it a lot easier than his brother. Oh well.

Why yes. I do like my weekly burger.