Hello 32.

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I figured I’d try out making vlogs, since I’ve got the Flip and usually a little quiet during the day. True story – every time I started to make this, someone would walk into the room. It took me 6 tries.

  • I find myself worrying about how my choices will be reflected in what people think of my child. There is basically no faster to way to make me feel timid about my actions – and I get annoyed with myself for that, but it doesn’t make me feel any less cautious.  It feels like I’m not being me, and for less life-altering reasons that you articulate here. So here are some kudos and well-wishes from a stranger on the internet; I hope 32 is amazing. (And I love the hair!)

  • Thanks!  🙂

    I was really worried that people would treat my kids differently because of the hair.  The mean moms have no idea what to make of me now, but nobody has treated my kids any differently.  Though both teachers were curious how I explained the hair to the kids.  (And I did make sure my boys knew that this was something I could do because I was an adult)

    This has nothing to do with either- but I was reading through your journal and saw the post on the Lego Friends line.  I bought a set for a birthday party gift for a girl in my son’s class- I went for the Inventor’s Workshop (because I would have wanted to be an inventor at age 6).  She has older brothers, both of whom play with legos, so I thought that it’d at least keep them from stealing her set… but I really do wish that they hadn’t of basically made it Polly Pocket lives in Lego-land.

  • Yeah, I hope the company uses these sets as a gateway to cooler ideas in the line for the future. The inventor’s workshop and the tree house look awesome – Olivia the smart one definitely has the accessories I would have wanted 🙂