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February 26, 2012

The Beginning.

All of these events happened the week prior. I documented this whole trip for you.

Chaos. The house is chaos. I live with my in-laws. This is a wonderful thing, since I get along quite well with the in-laws. The house is always full. In the last three years, I can count on one hand the number of occasions that the house was empty. Three of those were Christmas.

On the flipside, the house is always full. I am an introvert, as most writers are. I need solitude and quiet. But even after the kids are in bed, it’s seldom that I will find quiet. But I’m getting away from the real story.

Before Christmas, my father-in-law saw an insect fly up from the windowsill, from inside the house. He thought it was a termite and called the exterminator. He was right. It’s hardly surprising that there are termites. The house itself is one of those postwar little bungalow types that popped up to house GIs when they returned from war. It had begun as a two bedroom one bath house. The in-laws bought it when TheBoy was just a baby, and as their family expanded, so did the house.

The time has come to tent the house, so we have to do many things. This is a gas that leaves no residue, so we were spared the task of bagging all our clothes. Instead we had to clear out all the food- thank goodness the garage doesn’t need to be tented. And we had to box up all the lotions, medicines, and such.

On my end there isn’t much work, so I won’t be running around. Instead I sit here, dreading the week ahead. A week in a hotel room with my boys, with my inlaws on the other side of the connecting door. Boys with only a handful of their toys and DVDs, and without their precious DVR to keep them entertained. While I’ll have free wifi and chargers to keep my toys ready for me, I’m just not sure how I’m going to make it.