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February 27, 2012

Day One. The Hotel.

All of these events happened the week prior. I documented this whole trip for you.

Today was spent packing everything. We hadn’t packed in advance. It seemed silly to tell the boys to pack their favorite of favorite toys the night before, and we were still doing laundry.

I packed up the cat and took him to the boarding place. He was livid. The last time I put him in the carrier, it was to take him to Jerad’s because the Little Kidlet wasn’t supposed to have cats around him. I kissed him on his wet nose (he is such a dog) and told him I would pick him up on Friday, and that I knew it would take him a full week to forgive me.

The boys cried. They do love their cat.

So many bags. Considering we’ll only be away for four full days, it’s ridiculous how much of your life you have to bring with you. Though much of that has to be attributed to the Little Kidlet’s allergies, and the fact that the boys are in school through all of this. I brought some food items with us, and we bought other items after tonight’s dinner (Jack in the Box). Then there are the toiletries, the toys, the DVDs, their books, and what feels like fifteen different cords.

I realized as I was putting the boys to bed that I forgot to pack my pajamas. I’ll figure something out.