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February 28, 2012

Day Two. Cabin Fever.

All of these events happened the week prior. I documented this whole trip for you.

I did not sleep well. One child snored, the other spoke in his sleep, and TheBoy slept through it all. But I, trained by motherhood to wake at the first sound that might mean danger to my boys, kept waking up.

We got the Oldest Kidlet to school on time. I was worried about it, but without the toys and usual offerings to distract the kids in the morning, they got ready without much of a fuss.

There was a car accident that had to have happened just as we were passing a shopping center on the way to the school. We saw an SUV drive through where a bumper and glass were on the ground. By the time we’d dropped the Oldest Kidlet off and were on our way to the gas station, an ambulance and fire truck were just leaving. Two police cars and a tow truck were also there- taking care of a car that had been left behind. A car I hadn’t even noticed when I’d driven past the first time.

Though we weren’t at the preschool early, the Little Kidlet was still the third child there in his class. The way it always is.

Usually on the first day of the school week, we go grocery shopping. Instead, TheBoy and I came back to the hotel room and unpacked. I tried to write, but played Sims Social instead. Glamourous, I know.

We picked up the Little Kidlet and came back to the hotel room, and it seemed as though we only paused a moment for lunch and I left with LK to pick up his brother from school.

We drove past the house to look at the tent. It seemed surreal, though at least the boys knew that we weren’t joking about the bugs and the tent.

Homework was done quickly, all with the promise of getting to watch a DVD on one of the computers.

Then, almost as soon as TheBoy was up, cabin fever set in. Two little boys running here and there, arguing (as they always do) over who plays what. The Oldest Kidlet is angry because his little brother doesn’t want to play the same game as him, and he just doesn’t know what to make of that.

I’d hoped that dinner (at a local 50’s themed diner) would help calm them down. Instead, it just seemed to make it worse. Though I did try the thought process behind Imagination Situation and it helped. With the boys, not the throbbing vein in my forehead.

I’ve been reminded that I get the night off tomorrow. I think I’m going to need it.

No more computer screens… I think I’m going to use my Nook and read now that the boys are asleep. This time the oldest is snoring and sleeping on top of the blankets. His little brother is happily sleeping under the blanket- though he’s the one who’s been talking so far.