Archives: February 2012

Everyone Else is a Better Parent

If you’ve been lurking around the internet this week, odds are you’ve seen the article “French Parents are Superior” in which Pamela Druckerman claims to have found the secret to raising obedient children. It’s the latest in a long line of books and posts that try to say you’re doing it wrong. They don’t necessarily

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Super? More like Meh.

As did most of the US, I watched the Super Bowl. Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention to the game itself. It was my job to provide our small party with the snacks, so I was putting food in and out of the oven. And watching the ads. After all, I did work in advertising.

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Unexpected Kindness

Yesterday was rough for me. After a couple months of doctor’s visits and the hospital stay… I’m getting tired of seeing bills. But there was one more in the mail. Add in the fact that my hair was losing blue rapidly… I realized that not only is my health higher maintenance than I would like,

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