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March 9, 2012

Whitney vs The Stupid Day

Did I just title this as though it were a Chuck episode? Yes I did.

Yesterday was The Stupid Day. I originally called it a Bad Day, but at the end, I realized that there were a lot of annoyances, but nothing really bad.

It began the way that all days begin. With me trying to drag my ass out of bed while the kids picked out their clothes and went downstairs. Or more specifically, with me trying to put on my bra when my son threw my door open to announce that he was going to use our microwave all by himself.

I said no, he needed an adult. He went to my mother-in-law who said the exact same thing. She got there first.

We got to school on time, and on the way to the preschool I noticed that traffic on the freeway route was backed up. I’ll take streets, I thought, patting myself on the back for being so clever.

Except they were doing construction on one of the big intersections in town and the street route was backed up even worse than the freeway. I was so hungry, that I pulled off at a Jack in the Box and bought a Spicy Chicken Sandwich (I love that I can buy anything on their menu anytime of day). The traffic was so bad that I was able to eat the entire sandwich in the span of one and a half blocks. I do not eat quickly.

I swung by the house to pick up my Nook and headed off to a doctor’s office. I had a blood draw (my doctor is concerned my hummingbird metabolism is a thyroid issue- which I tried to tell him was what 5 other doctors have thought and have been proven wrong) and was supposed to hear the results. I went there early.

At the office, I learned that they had just changed their office policy and no longer accept credit cards or debit cards for payment. Only checks or cash. I do not carry much cash or a checkbook with me, since this is the 21st century and every other doctor I visit doesn’t accept personal checks anymore.

The very helpful receptionist said that I could go next door to the hospital to use their ATM. Which isn’t actually a 5 minute walk. It’s more like a 15 minute walk each way. Then she smiled and said, “Oh, it looks like you have a balance due because your insurance didn’t cover all of blah blah blah.” I could feel the white hot flames shoot from the side of my face, and asked for a printout so that I could send them a check for that balance, and asked if I could drop off a check later in the day for the copay. The office manager was listening and realizing that I’m a long term patient of this specialist, said that I could just add on the copay to the balance due.

I sat down, pulled out my Nook… and the batteries were dead. So I popped on Twitter. 10 minutes passed. 20 minutes passed (from my appointment time). Finally, when I passed the 40 minute mark I realized that even if they took me back right away, I wouldn’t have enough time to make it back to the Little Kidlet’s preschool- who would charge me on the spot for being late.

So I rescheduled. Despite some communication issues, like the girl continually asking if I could come in at odd times in the morning after I’d told her the earliest I was available was 9 am, that was worked out. The office manager apologized, telling me that he’d had some emergency patients earlier in the day. I asked her why nobody told me that when I signed in- because frankly, I’d appreciate knowing right away that he’s running over a half an hour behind. These things happen, but they can’t assume everyone can sit and wait the entire day.

I picked up The Boy Who Will Not Use The Potty from preschool. He’d had an accident at school and was in a comedically large t-shirt. Apparently I’d forgotten to pack him an extra shirt. Oops. We walked all the way across the school parking lot (while I was still trying to talk myself down from my seething rage at how inefficiently the doctor’s office was run) and had just gotten Little Kidlet bucked in when he realized he’d left his jacket on the playground. So we walked all the way back (no real option of leaving the jacket there until the next day), picked up the jacket and walked back to the car.

On the way home, it occurred to me that I felt really warm, even though the air conditioner was going full blast. So I took my temperature at home and discovered I had a fever of 100.9. Which explains why I was bitchy and not just exasperated.

Then TheBoy came downstairs and announced that Hell Was Freezing Over (aka he was calling in sick). TheBoy is a hard worker. A measly cold is not enough to keep him from his job. But he sounded horrible and looked even worse. So it was probably a good call. I don’t believe he’s going in today either, for that matter.

Do I think I have what he has? Nope. My condition came with weird fevers that last a couple days and go away with medicine. The only issue I have is a fever, so I’m guessing it’s just a flare up and not illness. Still, I’m glad that it was only a Stupid Day, and not a Bad Day- which usually ends in a traffic ticket or car accident.

Have you had a day like that? Commiserate in the comments!

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